Take Risks

Hello Everyone, I met an amazing new friend and photographer this past weekend, Azusa Takano (http://www.azusatakano.com). I took the risk and reached out to her on Instagram because I love her style of photography. I’m really happy with the way these photos came out especially the one on the edge of the structure! Thank you so much Azusa!

I found this awesome Levi’s Denim jacket at Popkiller in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. I couldn’t resist to buy it because it’s my favorite denim wash. It’s also the perfect cut for my petite self. I paired it with this great top I got from Zara. I love how the details on the back complete the shirt. Finally, I went with a simple look on the bottom, but continued the edgy theme with my lace heels I bought from Nordstrom.

Top: Zara

Jacket: PopkillerUS

Bottom: Nike

Shoes: Chinese Laundry

Sunnies: Wet Seal


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