Hugs and Kisses

Hello Everyone! I’m back! Did you miss me? I haven’t posted an outfit in a while because I’ve been super busy being SUPERGIRL haha I’m kidding. ┬áHave you been wondering where I’ve been? I’ve been busy doing photo shoots for everyone else and editing them that I haven’t had time to post a look for you and I apologize. What better day to post than today? I wish everyone the best this Valentines Day! Show all the people you love you love them, not just today, but EVERYDAY.

About the look:

I was watching Clueless while I was home sick, and I was very inspired by the outfits in the movie. The outfit that stuck out to me was when Cher wore a beret. She looked extra classy toping off her outfit with a beret. I checked out Forever 21 and I luckily found one on sale! I’ve always wanted to rock a beret, and I found that this occasion was the perfect day to! I also found this cute top on sale at Forever 21. Shorts and Trench Coat are from Banana Republic. Shoes are from a boutique.

Thanks Friends! Tell me what you think!

Photos captured through the eyes of my love, Jordan.


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