Fun with Color

FashionShoot1000-4 FashionShoot1000-12 FashionShoot1000-28 FashionShoot1000-29 FashionShoot1000-44 FashionShoot1000-51 FashionShoot1000-54 FashionShoot1000-75 FashionShoot1000-76 FashionShoot1000-79 FashionShoot1000-83 FashionShoot1000-84 FashionShoot1000-85 FashionShoot1000-89 FashionShoot1000-93 FashionShoot1000-94 FashionShoot1000-95FashionShoot1000-101FashionShoot1000-107 FashionShoot1000-109 Hello everyone! I found this top at H&M a couple weeks ago on sale for only $3! I couldn’t resist to buy it because I’ve been wanting to add some color to my wardrobe. I paired it with these super cute Nike’s to complete the funky look I was going for. Shout out to Slate who took these beautiful photographs of me. Check out her work on (

Top: H&M

Denim Jacket: Gap

Bottom: Banana Republic

Shoes: Nike Store

Backpack: Thrifted

Sunnies: Buffalo Exchange



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