13613309_1225075164177428_1034014848784170418_o 13603669_1225075720844039_2584874229524937220_o13668737_1225075497510728_7090540143569069710_o copy 13613404_1225075034177441_515133388958522564_o 13669268_1225075000844111_4763025990910962420_o

13668686_1225075524177392_9105011653391184553_o 13667878_1225075530844058_3787760767097932416_o13667741_1225077517510526_2353227695377605111_o copy13668654_1225077450843866_6078723962702903645_o copy 13640912_1225078520843759_8920112463693083149_o 13653059_1225078440843767_8244682172682477312_o13669517_1225078974177047_7640766493419157992_o

13641162_1225079260843685_3042300836143200272_o copy

Hello Everyone! I got the opportunity to work with Marissa Mckendall! Thank you so much for taking these lovely photos.

Top: Chocolate and Art show

Top: Victoria’s Secret

Vest: Forever 21

Shorts: Banana Republic

Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

Bracelet: Banana Republic

Necklace: Tilly’s

Backpack 1: Thrifted

Backpack 2: Herschel

Shoes: H&M


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