Opportunities {Photo Shoot}

This week I got to work with Christopher Dela Cruz styling models for LAPRIVY Magazine’s Fashion Photoshoot. I am so thankful for this opportunity and so grateful to meet and work with these amazing and talented beautiful models, stylists, photographer, videographer, hair/make up artists, and designers.

Director/Producer/Stylist: Christopher Dela Cruz
Stylist: Angel Feliciano (www.bebravefashion.com)

Photographer: Jung Kim
Videographer: Kevin Natividad (www.feendmedia.com)

Hair and Makeup Artists: Shirley Do, Kelly Hosoda, Brett Sutherland

Male Models: Paul Black, Kristian Greiff, Mike Harris, Jose Parra, Florentino Perio
Female Models: Melinda Baker, Marine De Vachon, Brittany Grimmett, Shaeveon Sission, Vanessa Trujillo

Designers: Vilorija, Social Los Angeles, Elle Le Gaunt, Madison Park Collective, The Gents, The Finer Things USA, LAPRIVY, Miss Adory Showroom, The Penthouse

Studio: Riotmaker Studios


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