Jaclyn38 Jaclyn37 Jaclyn36 jaclyn35 jaclyn34 Jaclyn33 Jaclyn32 Jaclyn31jaclyn21 Jaclyn3Jaclyn39Jaclyn30 Jaclyn28Jaclyn26 Jaclyn27Jaclyn25Jaclyn23 Jaclyn22 jaclyn20 jaclyn19 Jaclyn18jaclyn42 jaclyn17Jaclyn16 jaclyn15 Jaclyn14Jaclyn 41Jaclyn2 Jaclyn13 jaclyn12jaclyn43jaclyn4Jaclyn24 jaclyn11 jaclyn10It was such an honor to shoot and style a really good friend of mine Jaclyn. She’s beautiful and
a sweetheart! Hope you love the outfit! Thank you for your love my friend. Stay positive and joyful as always.

Dress: H&M

Hat: Steve Madden

Combat Boots: Hers

Fun with Color

FashionShoot1000-4 FashionShoot1000-12 FashionShoot1000-28 FashionShoot1000-29 FashionShoot1000-44 FashionShoot1000-51 FashionShoot1000-54 FashionShoot1000-75 FashionShoot1000-76 FashionShoot1000-79 FashionShoot1000-83 FashionShoot1000-84 FashionShoot1000-85 FashionShoot1000-89 FashionShoot1000-93 FashionShoot1000-94 FashionShoot1000-95FashionShoot1000-101FashionShoot1000-107 FashionShoot1000-109 Hello everyone! I found this top at H&M a couple weeks ago on sale for only $3! I couldn’t resist to buy it because I’ve been wanting to add some color to my wardrobe. I paired it with these super cute Nike’s to complete the funky look I was going for. Shout out to Slate who took these beautiful photographs of me. Check out her work on (www.crystalparkerstudios.com).

Top: H&M

Denim Jacket: Gap

Bottom: Banana Republic

Shoes: Nike Store

Backpack: Thrifted

Sunnies: Buffalo Exchange


Michelle Part II

DSC03240DSC03268DSC03273 DSC03281 DSC03280

DSC03245 DSC03243 DSC03242
DSC03258DSC03266Hello Everyone! Second part of Michelle’s photo shoot is here! She thrifted this beautiful blue Magic Carpet dress. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

That is a wrap you guys! Thank you for stopping by.

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Michelle Part I

DSC03144 DSC03165 DSC03169 DSC03174 DSC03180 DSC03181 DSC03184 DSC03198 DSC03203 DSC03205 DSC03208DSC03232

Hello Everyone! I got the opportunity to do a photo shoot with my beautiful friend Michelle. She loves cosplay, but this time she wanted do a fashionable photo shoot. I had her wear one of the dresses she had in her closet and paired it with nude heels and a colorful yellow coat. She looks beautiful in this Summer to Fall transition outfit. Thank you Michelle! You’re gorgeous.


DSC02783 DSC02788 DSC02843 DSC02852 DSC02887 DSC02892 DSC02899 DSC02900
DSC02913 DSC02932DSC03050 DSC03041 DSC03043 DSC03049
DSC03058DSC03083DSC03068Hello Everyone! Happy Monday! Haaaave you met my friend Sam? I had so much fun styling and shooting these photos because of how easy it was to work with him. I truly believe that he brought out the look and feel of this outfit. Thank You for stopping by to check it out!

Top: Old Navy

T-Shirt: H&M

Bottom: H&M


Thank You Sam for a successful photo shoot with you! I can’t wait for the next one.

I will be posting more photos like this with all the friends I do a photo shoot with. Will you be next? DM me on IG: @stylesbywinnie .