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13641162_1225079260843685_3042300836143200272_o copy

Hello Everyone! I got the opportunity to work with Marissa Mckendall! Thank you so much for taking these lovely photos.

Top: Chocolate and Art show

Top: Victoria’s Secret

Vest: Forever 21

Shorts: Banana Republic

Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

Bracelet: Banana Republic

Necklace: Tilly’s

Backpack 1: Thrifted

Backpack 2: Herschel

Shoes: H&M

Lovin’ my Adidas

DSC01766 DSC01767 DSC01772 DSC01777 DSC01795 DSC01824

HEY EVERYONE! I’m bringing back the 90’s with my Adidas shirts! I totally fell in love when I saw them pop up while I was shopping. Even though I love with Adidas, I still have a special place for my Nikes!

Hugs and Kisses❤ Winnie

Tops:Urban Outfitters and Tilly’s.

Shoes: Shoe Palace

Melissa [Part 2]


DSC02430DSC02497DSC02434DSC02540 DSC02524 DSC02516 DSC02494 DSC02488
DSC02474 DSC02468 DSC02459 DSC02454 DSC02453 DSC02444

Hey All! I did another shoot with Melissa. I got to style her outfit, hair and accessories. Tell me what you think :].

Hugs and Kisses❤ Winnie

Top: American Eagle

Dress: My Closet

Shoes: Her Closet

Accessories: My Closet

Photography: Winnie Angel (

IG: @bebravefashion_




Hello Everyone! Welcome back. I’m not the type to wear crop tops because of how self conscious I get, but I was feeling confident in this one. I love crop tops and I think they’re great when other people wear them, but I never really felt good in them so I wore it with high waisted cool joggers from Forever 21 to keep it all together. What do you think?

Top: Woodruff Apparel

Photo: Jeffrey Addenbrooke

Instagram: @bebravefashion_ (

Rooftop Flow

IMG_8760 IMG_8801 IMG_8773 IMG_8749 IMG_8730 IMG_8714Hello Everyone! So I realize that I have an obsession with flowy dresses. I love how it looks when the wind blows against it and it makes it look beautiful. This one I got from H&M. Thanks to Alexa from the The Half Baked Blog for hemming it for me and also taking these gorgeous photos.

Sunnies: Gold-Soul

    Dress: H&M

       Shoes: Cathy Jean




Sam1 Sam2 Sam3 Sam4 Sam6 Sam7 Sam8 Sam9

Sam5Sam11 Hey Friends! I had so much fun styling and shooting Samantha Allen last week. Here is her look. Hope you enjoy!

Hat: My closet

Jacket: Topshop

Bathing Suit Top: My closet

Skirt: Banana Republic

Shoes: Mudd

Necklace: Tilly’s

Thank You!

Want to collab or do a photo shoot?

Instagram: @bebravefashion_


Introducing my girl Tina! Thank you so much for modeling for me and letting me style your outfit girl! I had so much fun shooting her and styling her from head to toe.

Hope you guys love her look! Tell me what you think.

Hugs and Kisses❤ Winnie

Outfit detail from head to toe

Hat: Forever 21

Top: Tina’s Closet

Flannel: Tina’s Closet

Bottoms: Forever 21

Backpack: French Connection (featured on my last blog post)

Bracelets: Banana Republic and H&M

Shoes: JustFab

Photos by: Winnie Angel

Instagram: @bebravefashion_